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Filter Disc

We produce wire mesh filter discs made by stainless steel woven mesh,black wire cloth,cooper wire cloth,nickle wire cloth, titanium wire mesh and monel wire mesh...

Filter Tube

The filter tube is assembled filter element,it use woven wire cloth,expanded metal or perforated metal as thefiltration part,welded with screw mount...

Filter Belt

The Auto Mesh Belt Filter also know as Twilled Weave Reversible Screen Belt,FilterBand,Filter Ribbon,Ribbon Belt,ribbon filter belt, automatic belt filter...

Separation Sieve

The Separation Sieve,other name is standard sieve or test sieve.It is often used to screen glass grains, grains, raw coal, medicines, also can be used for metallurgy...

Airless Sprayer Gun Filter

They are made from high quality stainless steel wire cloth and PP, different colors for different mesh or customized.Suit Graco, Wagner, Spraytech, Titan, Iwata, Binks, Kremlin, etc.

Airless Sprayer Pump Filter

These Sprayer Pump Filters include Inline Strainers, HP-Filters, Outlet Filters, HP-Inline Strainers and Inlet Filters, etc. They are important parts to ensure the fluency of the spray process.

Hydraulic Oil Suction Filter

Application:Oil suction filter screen for hydraulic oil pump station, Oil suction filter screen of gear pump, Hydraulic power unit filters...

Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Filter Screen

The Hydraulic Cartridge Valves Filter Screen features: Mesh apertures are uniform, no burr, no gap, no scratch, No pressure point,no deformation...